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Adjustable Roller Arm Explosion-proof Travel Limit Switch

  Applicable environment 1: Suitable for explosive gas environments Zone 1 and Zone 2

  Applicable environment 2: Suitable for combustible dust environments in Zone 21 and Zone 22

  Applicable environment three: suitable for IIA, l B, and C explosive gas environments

  Applicable environment 4: Suitable for environments with temperature groups T1~T6

  Applicable Environment 5: Widely used in explosive hazardous areas such as petroleum refining, storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, and military facilities

  Applicable environment 6: Used for position signal feedback in electrical control systems

  • EXD-G


KJT explosion-proof travel switches are mainly used in hazardous areas to control the on/off travel of moving parts. Explosion-proof sign Ex demo II C T6 Gb, composite explosion-proof, more safe, suitable for various harsh environments; More than ten types of gauges, including roller arm type, adjustable rod type, pressure plunger and roller pressure column type, etc

○ The shell is formed by high-pressure casting of aluminum alloy, and the surface is subjected to high-pressure electrostatic spraying after shot blasting;

○ Equipped with explosion-proof travel switch components;

○ The shell of the switch element is made of flame-retardant engineering plastic injection molding, and the bonding surface is treated with ultrasonic welding:

○ The overall dimensions and related technical parameters comply with the European standard EN50041, with good interchangeability;

○ Anti dropping wiring screws for easy installation and maintenance by users;

○ The shell, cover, rotating shaft, and introduction device are designed with sealing and compression at multiple locations, effectively improving the protection level;

○ Unique and flexible installation methods, fully considering the user's on-site installation;

○ Has good waterproof, dustproof and other characteristics;

○ Steel pipe or cable wiring.


Executive standards GB 3836.1、GB 3836.2、GB 3836.3、GB12476.1、GB12476.5、IEC60079-0、IEC60079-1、IEC60079-7、IEC61241-0、IEC61241-1 Explosion proof sign:(Ex d e lIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP66 T80C
rated voltage AC220/380V
Rated current 5A
Contact type normally open and normally closed
protection grade IP66
Corrosion protection level WF1
Inlet specifications M20 x1.5
Applicable cable outer diameter D6mm~D9mm






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