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KJT-20P Magnetic Switch Magnetic Sensor Cylinder Sensor

●: Contactless electronic switch, precise positioning, fast response speed, no misoperation or no action of the switch

●: Has an ultra long lifespan, shock resistance, and vibration resistance

●: Equipped with an ultra-high protection level of IP67, with excellent waterproof, dustproof, and oil resistant performance

●: Adopting an integrated injection molding process, with enhanced structure, secure fixation, comparable appearance, and ultra long durability

●: Suitable for 99.99% of cylinder types on the market, and suitable for all lever cylinders, meter cylinders, and circular cylinder switches
●: The wire is resistant to bending and does not deform under a tensile force of 14 kilograms
  • KJT-20P

  • KJT

The KJT magnetic switch cylinder is used to detect the position of the cylinder stroke, without the need for brackets at both ends of the stroke, making it easy to install, easy to use, and compact in structure. High reliability, long service life, low cost, and fast switching response time. Widely used in various mechanical equipment.

Multiple models available, suitable for various occasions;

The wires are made of oil resistant PVC material with a high level of protection.


switching logic Electronic contactless; Normally open type
Induction switch type Contactless transistor NPN type
Operating voltage range 5~30VDC
Maximum switching current 200mA Max.
Maximum contact capacity 6W Max.
Internal consumption current 11mA Max.@24V
Residual pressure drop 2.5V Max.@10mA DC
Leakage current 0.01mA Max.
pilot lamp RED LED
Cable φ2.8,2C/Grey oil resistant PVC
Maximum switching frequency 1000Hz
Operating temperature range -10℃~70℃
Impact resistance 50G
Vibration resistance 9G
Waterproof grade lP67
protection circuit Power polarity reverse protection; Surge absorption protection






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