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KJT-Dia 2010-ZROA/5-300 I/min Compact Speed Control Sensor Monitor

Nominal voltage [V]: 20...250 AC/DC
Reverse polarity protection: No
Rated current (continuous) [mA]: 350 AC (...50 °C) / 250 AC (...80 °C) / 100 DC
Rated current (peak) [mA]: 2200
  • ZROA

  • KJT

KJT speed control switch products are mainly developed according to the actual needs of customer sites. The products have a wide range of electricity, and can be applied to 24VDC─110VAC─220VAC (different voltage levels are configured with intermediate relays of different voltages), bringing unified purchasing to users. Easy installation and good interchangeability. The product can effectively and timely handle electrical and process failures such as stalling, jamming, overloading, slow rotation, belt slipping, transmission chain (belt) falling off, transmission shaft breakage, etc. that often occur in motors and mechanical transmission devices. It can play a role in ensuring production and maintaining equipment.


Product Paramenters
application Simple evaluation of rotational and linear motion underspeed; blocking
Switch function The output switches during the start-up delay if (Factual) is greater than (Fpreset)
Electrical Design AC/DC
Switching output Normally open
Nominal voltage [V] 20-250,AC/DC
Current consumption [mA] < 15
Minimum load current [mA] 10
Reverse polarity protection No
Rated current (continuous) [mA] 350 AC (...50 °C) / 250 AC (...80 °C) / 100 DC
Rated current (peak) [mA] Rated current (peak) [mA] 2200
Voltage drop [V] < 6.5
Short circuit protection NO
Overload protection NO
Trigger sensing distance [mm] 10
Correction coefficient Mild steel = 1 / Stainless steel approx. 0.7 / Brass approx. 0.5 / Aluminum approx. 0.4 / Copper approx. 0.3
Setting range [pulses/minute] 5...300
Adjustment of switch point Multiturn potentiometer
Hysteresis [% of Sp] 10
Start delay [s] 15
Damping frequency (maximum) [pulses/min] 15000
Ambient temperature [°C] -25...80
Protection IP 67
Average time TF [a] 898
Install Can be mounted flush
Shell material Brass special coating; PBT (Pocan)
Weight [kg] 0.276
Input pulse indicator yellow
Output status indicator light green
Connection PVC cable / 2 m; 3 x 0.5 mm²







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