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KJT-LS-I Wiring Cavity Type Explosion-proof Pull Rope Switch

Product series: KJT-LS-I type wiring cavity type explosion-proof pull rope switch
Load current: AC380V 5A, DC24V 5A
Contact mode: Normally open 1. Normally closed 1; Normally open 2. Normally closed 2. (please specify when ordering)
Reset mode: manual/automatic
Electrical appliance life: >100,000 times
Protection level: IP65/IP67
  • LS-I

  • KJT

KJT-LS type address code explosion-proof pull rope switch is widely used in steel, cement, power plants, mines and other factories and mines with belt conveyors. This product is installed on both sides of the belt conveyor and is used for belt conveyor emergencies. A protective switch for shutting down. Pull the wire rope at any point within the operating distance of the switch to cut off the operating circuit and shut down the entire line to protect the safety of the tape machine and people.

working principle:  When an emergency occurs at the tape transportation site, pulling the wire rope tied to the lifting eye is the action of the slider and switch in the machine, which sends a shutdown signal. The switch automatically resets after releasing the wire rope.


Product Paramenters
ambient temperature -40℃~+50℃
Relative humidity 0~95%
Action angle 20°-30°
extreme angle 75°
Action force 70-100N
Number of contacts 1 normally open, 1 normally closed (2 groups of normally open and 2 groups of normally closed can be added as needed)
Contact rating AC380V 5A DC24V 5A
reset mode Manual / Auto
Electrical life >100,000 times
Protection level IP65/IP67
weight 3kg


KJT-TS-I (3)


KJT-TS-I (1)

●The switch must be balanced and pressed on the fixed bracket of the rack;

●Tie the steel wire rope to the pull rings at both ends, and the rope on each side should not exceed 40m (it should be shortened when there is a slope);

●The pressure on the pull rope should be appropriate to ensure reliable reset of the switch;

●The drawstring is set parallel to the tape, and a lifting ring is added every 10m.

●The factory can purchase steel wire ropes according to the specifications required by users.

The address encoder uses a self-designed protocol to provide an RS485 communication interface to connect to the comprehensive protection instrument. By using shielded twisted pairs and communication repeaters, the transmission distance can reach 1km.

KJT-TS-I (2)

KJT-TS-I (1)




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