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KJT M18DA Double sheet detection ultrasonic sensor

●: Reliable inspection of material transport ensuring quality
●: Quick commissioning thanks to plug-and-play and selectable sensitivity levels
●: Easily switch sensitivity levels while the equipment is running to avoid downtime when transferring materials
●: Personalized teaching of different materials to solve application tasks that meet higher requirements Greater flexibility during installation thanks to the variable installation distance LED lights visible from all sides facilitate production monitoring of the double sheet control device
●: Measure reliably in dirty, dusty and wet conditions thanks to insensitive ultrasonic technology
  • M18DA

  • KJT

KJT Ultrasonic sensors use the characteristics of sound waves to provide a contactless and accurate detection solution for detecting the status and distance of objects. By emitting mechanical sound waves with high frequency, the sensor receives the sound waves reflected back from the object. By calculating the time or energy between transmitting and receiving the sound waves, the precise distance or status of the target object is obtained. Ultrasonic sensors are different from ordinary proximity switches and photoelectric sensors. Compared with inductive or capacitive proximity switches, its detection distance is longer. Compared with photoelectric sensors, it can be used in harsher environments and is not affected by the color of the target, airborne dust, water mist, etc. Suitable for detecting different


Product Paramenters
model KJT-M18DA
examination range 20-40mm
The scope of work 0.2mm thick composite board and film self-adhesive sheets, labels on backing materials
LED green light Indication: Leaflet detected
LED yellow light Instructions: No target (air)
LED red light Indication: Double sheet detected
Operating Voltage 10-30V DC
No-load current ≤30mA
Working current 3×200mA
Overload protection 200mA, red light and green light flashing at the same time
Voltage drop ≤2V
response delay <300μs-2.25ms,depends on material
Pulse Width ≥100ms
impedance ≥4kΩ
Material Copper sleeve, nickel plated, plastic fittings, transducer: glass filled epoxy
Protection level IP67
Connection Type 2m,PVC Cable 0.14mm2
ambient temperature 0℃~+60℃(273~333K)
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃(233~358K)









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