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KJT TBH Axis Distance 20mm/40MM Photoelectric Measuring Safety Light Curtain

Model series: KJTTBH
Optical wheelbase: 10mm~40mm
Suitable for small protective objects: φ15mm~φ45mm
Output: NPN/PNP
Detection range: 0-3M
Power consumption: <8W
  • TBH

  • KJT

KJT fiber optic sensor is a sensor that converts the state of the measured object into a measurable light signal. The working principle of the optical fiber sensor is to send the incident light beam from the light source into the modulator through the optical fiber. The interaction between the modulator and the external measured parameters determines the optical properties of the light, such as the intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase, polarization state, etc. It changes and becomes a modulated optical signal, which is then sent to the optoelectronic device through the optical fiber and passed through the demodulator to obtain the measured parameters. During the entire process, the light beam is introduced through the optical fiber, passes through the modulator, and then emitted. The role of the optical fiber is first to transmit the light beam, and secondly to act as an optical modulator.1

Product Paramenters
Optical axis spacing 10mm/ 20mm/30mm/40mm
Light grid type Measuring Safety Light Curtain 
Interface size 30mmx50mm
Product color yellow
Protection grade IP65/IP67 (optional)
Power supply voltage DC24V±10%
Response time ≤10MS
Signal output NPN/PNP/relay
Synchronization type Line synchronization
Number of optical axes 4-72 beams
Protection height 40mm-2000mm
Protection distance 0-30000MM
Light curtain form through-beam type
Anti-interference ability 10000Lux
Appearance material aluminum alloy
circuit protection Reverse connection protection/output short circuit protection
Power consumption 3-8W
Working temperature -15℃+65℃
Ambient temperature 20℃ RH≤85%
Insulation resistance >100mΩ








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