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KJT-UT45 series ultra-small slot photoelectric switch

●: Protection structure IP65
●: Response frequency reaches 2kHZ
●: Standard four-wire configuration, normally open/normally closed switchable
●: Standard use of twist-resistant wires
●: Reverse power supply, output short circuit protection
●: M3 screws for easy installation
  • UT45


KJT slot-type photoelectric switch is actually a kind of through-beam photoelectric switch, also called U-shaped photoelectric switch. It is an infrared sensing photoelectric product, which is composed of an infrared transmitter tube and an infrared receiver tube. The slot width is It determines the strength of the induction receiving model and the distance of the received signal. Light is used as the medium, and the infrared light between the luminous body and the light receiving body is received and converted to detect the position of the object. The trough photoelectric switch is also non-contact like the proximity switch. It is less restricted by the detection object and has a long detection distance. It can detect long distances (tens of meters) with high detection accuracy and can detect small objects. The application is very wide.


Technical parameter

Detection distance

5mm (groove width)

Standard detection object

1.2×0.8mm or above opaque object

Output mode

NPN or PNP open collector

Switch mode L.on (light input action)/D.on (light blocking action) switchable
Repeat accuracy 0.03mm or less
Light source (luminescence wavelength) GaAs infrared light-emitting diode (940nm)
Indicator light*1 Lights up (red) when light is blocked
Power supply voltage DC5V--DC24V±10%, ripple (p-p) less than 10%
Protection circuit surge protection, reverse polarity protection
Static current consumption ≤8mA
Withstand voltage AC, 1000V 1 minute, between all power connection terminals and shell
Vibration resistance 10~55Hz, amplitude 1.5mm, 2 hours each in X, Y and Z directions
Response frequency


Operating environment illumination Light receiving surface illumination Fluorescent lamp: 1000 lux or less
Ambient temperature

Working temperature:-25~+55℃

Storage temperature:-30~+80°

Ambient humidity

Working temperature:5~85%RH

Storage temperature:5~95%RH







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