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KJT-XAQC-1600 Explosion-proof Temperature Transmitter

●: Two-wire output, no compensation wire required;
●: Strong anti-interference ability and good remote transmission performance;
●: Simple structure, reasonable and convenient installation;
●: Miniaturized, reliable installation, long service life;
●: Two-wire system, three-wire system input method passed;
●: Digital display shows temperature on-site with high definition and no visual error;
●: Explosion-proof grade: ExdII CT6 Gb; (The explosion-proof type of the explosion-proof temperature transmitter is effective within the temperature measurement range of 800°C.)
  • XAQC-1600

  • KJT

It is widely used in automated detection and control fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, textile, rubber, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, medicine, and food. Meter header, you can modify the input index number and measuring range through the buttons on the meter header. KJT-XAQC-1600 explosion-proof integrated temperature transmitter, KJT-XAQC-1600 explosion-proof integrated temperature transmitter uses PT100 sensor, digital display meter, 4-20mA output, the insertion depth can be customized according to customer needs, which can be Threaded fixed type or flange installed type, the outer pipe can also be protected by PTFE anti-corrosion lining. Two-wire output, no need for compensation wires; strong anti-interference ability, good remote transmission performance; simple structure, reasonable and convenient installation; miniaturization, safe and reliable, long service life; two-wire and three-wire input methods pass; digital display displays temperature on site, High definition and no visual errors.


Enter Thermal resistance Pt100
Temperature measurement range -200℃-450℃ (thermal resistance)
Accuracy level 0.5%FS
output signal 4-20mA
Supply voltage 24VDC
load voltage 0-500Ω
ambient temperature -20—85℃
interface M20×1.5, M16×1.5 or G1/2\G1/4
Protective tube material 1Cr18Ni9Ti
get involved 30mm/50mm/100mm/150mm/200mm/250mm/300mm

Type Pu Description
Integrated temperature transmitter
output method E
V5 0-5V
V10 0-10V
Accuracy level 1 0.5级
2 0.2级
process connection A 27*2
B 20*1.5
Protective tube 0 16
Display method 0 without display
M3 With LED meter display
Power supply A DC24V battery powered
Measuring range -200-450℃ (thermal resistance) Customer choice





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