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KH-4212 Waterproof Double Circuit Type 3A 250VAC IP67 Limit Switch

Waterproof level: High sealing that meets IEC IP67/IP68 protection level
Cable length: standard version available in 3 and 5m cable lengths
Wiring features: switches with plunger enable parallel installation
Product features: three-layer sealing structure; the plunger part is sealed by nitrile rubber packing and diaphragm sealing, the switch part is sealed by nitrile rubber cap; the cable entrance is sealed by encapsulation material
  • KH-4212

  • KJT


The KJT waterproof travel switch has the following characteristics

■ Aluminum alloy casting shell, sturdy and durable, with high mechanical strength;

■ The contact components are imported, and the contact material is silver alloy, ensuring quality;

■ IP67 high level protection, equipped with waterproof, oil proof, and dust proof structures, capable of working underwater;

■ Comes with a 3M long cable for convenient user wiring;

■ Suitable for outdoor equipment, shield tunneling equipment, painting equipment, and other occasions with high waterproof and oil proof requirements in the wild.


rated voltage 5A 125V,3A 250VAC
Operating speed 1mm~1m/s
operating frequency machinery:120 Times/minute
electrical:30 Times/minute
Contact resistance 15m Ω below
insulation resistance 100Ω以上(在 500VDC以下)
withstanding voltage Discontinuous terminal to terminal: 1000VAC, 50, 60Hz for one minute
Terminal to ground: 1500VAC, 50, 60Hz, lasting for one minute
Between terminals and unloaded metal: 1500VAC, 50/60Hz for one minute
vibrate ction durability: 10~55Hz, 1.5mm dual amplitude
impact Mechanical durability: above 1000m/s2 (about 30G or above)
Misoperation durability: 500m/s2 or above (about 30G or above)
Use weekly temperature -10~+70 ℃
humidity max 95%RH
service life machinery:1,000万次以上 electrical:20万次以上
protection grade IEC:IP67
weight Approximately 360g (cable length 3m)
model KH-4212
OFmax 1200gf(5.69N)
RFmin 450gf(1.47N)
PTmax 1.8mm
OTmin 3mm
MDmax 0.2mm
OP 28.5 ± 1mm




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