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KJT KA-3213 IP65 NO NC 10A 250VAC Double circuit vertical Limit Switch

  Structural features: Double circuit travel switch, stable and reliable, small in size, economical and practical

  Shell material: composed of zinc alloy and reinforced plastic, with a sturdy structure

  Protection level: IP66 protection, waterproof, oil resistant, and dustproof structure

  Internal structure: The built-in microswitch has a double spring design structure, with a long mechanical life

  Application: Suitable for applications with drip and splash resistance, such as three-dimensional garages, CNC machine tools, printing machinery, etc.

  • KA-3213

  • KJT

★ Double circuit travel switch, widely used

★ Sturdy structure, composed of zinc alloy and reinforced plastic

★ Small size, waterproof and oil resistant

★ The built-in microswitch has a double spring structure design, resulting in a longer mechanical life

★ With significant OT movements

★ Easy wiring conduit design

★ Multiple types of actuators, convenient to use


model KJT 3205 3208 3209 3212 3213 3214 3267 3268 3270 3289
Operating force OF(max) 750gram-cm 750gram-cm 750gram-cm 750gram-cm 900gram-cm 900gram-cm 150gram 150gram 150gram 550gram-cm
Resilience RF(mix) 100gram-cm 100gram-cm 100gram-cm 200gram 200gram 200gram 30gram 30gram 30gram 100gram-cm
Front pre stroke PT(max) 20 20 20 1.8mm 1.8mm 1.8mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 20
Trigger position Target price(±10%) 22.5° 22.5° 22.5° 2.0mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 22.5° 22.5° 22.5° 22.5°
Travel resolution MD(max) 10 10 10 1.2mm 1.2mm 1.2m 14 14 14 14
Stroke after touch OT(mix) 75 75 75 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 75
ccumulated total travel TT(mix) 95 95 95 5.8mm 5.8mm 5.8mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 95
Double disconnect mechanical function INO+INC force disconnection snap action forces the quick movement to disconnect
rated voltage/current rated voltage/current 10(4)A,125,250VAC/6(2)A,380VAC Inductive load,余φ=0.4
Contact resistance initial<10mΩ,tested<30mΩ
insulation resistance 100VDC  min 500mΩ
Dielectric strength AC 200VAC/minute,Used between bare metal/terminals, grounding, and opposite poles
Electrical lifespan 500000 resistive at 10A 250VAC
mechanical life 20,000,000
Operating speed 120 Sears per minute
Waterproof and dustproof ability IP66 (anti pressure water column level)
Rising temperature At rated voltage/current, up to 30 ° C throughout the entire ambient temperature range
come up to standard CENELEC EN 50041,EN 50047,IEC 337-1,VDE 0660
operate temperature -25°C~+80°C
torage temperature -25°C~+80°C
humidity Maximum 95 ° relative humidity (no dew)
Impact coefficient, impact resistance Free position 10G, overtravel position 30G
Vibration frequency max 55Hz
Terminal screw torque 6-8 kilograms per centimeter
Other screw torque Lid 12-14 kg ft cm/Head 8-9 kg ft cm/Installation 50-60 kg ft cm/cm
Bare copper wire size Bare wire Ganges φ2 max
Cable size Cable diameter φ9 Maximum value (if using cable IP 66 φ 8-9)






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