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KJT-XW8K IP66 10A 250VAC High Temperature Limit Switch 350/550℃

Working environment temperature: -20~350 ℃

Protection level: IP66/IP67 standard

Contact capacity: 5A/220V

Product advantages: high temperature resistance, oil resistance, waterproofing, and pressure resistance

Application fields: industrial machinery, power, chemical, papermaking, steel and other industries
  • KJT-XW8K

  • KJT

KJT brand high temperature resistant travel switch is a fully enclosed contact switch made of high temperature resistant materials. One group is normally open and the other is normally closed. The maximum allowable current is 5A/AC 220V (other voltages are subject to reservation). The contacts are specially processed After treatment, it can be used in high temperature environments for a long time without being damaged by oxidation or contamination.

KJT-XW series high temperature resistant travel switches have a maximum temperature of 350°C and can be divided into more than ten specifications such as roller arm type, adjustable rod type, pressure plunger type and roller pressure column type, which can meet the requirements of different occasions. Widely used in electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, textile, steel and other industries.



Operation speed

1mm to 2m/S

Action frequency

Mechanically:120 times/minute Electically:30 times/Minute

Contact resistance

Under 15mΩ(initial)

Insulation resistance

100mΩ above (at 500VDC)

Bearing voltage

Non-contact end:1,000VAC,50/60Hz for one minute
Current parts and noncurrent parts and end and connect position :2,200VAC,50/60Hz for one minute


Action:10 to 55Hz,1.5mm pairs swing


Machine:1,000m/Sec2(about 100G,S)

Action:300m/Sec2(about 30G,S)

Ambient temperature

When in use: -60 to+350 ℃


Max 95% RH

Serve life

Mechanically:15,000,000 times above(at rated ot)
Electrically:500,000 times above


About 275g

Protection structure

IEC specification:IP66/IP67


1. The power factor of the inductive load is above 0.4 (AC), and the time constant is below 7 msec (DC).

2. The inrush current of the bulb load is 10 times the steady-state current, and the inrush current of the motor load is 6 times the steady-state current



● Double circuit limit switch, widely used

● Equipped with a sturdy integrated cast aluminum alloy casing

● High mechanical strength

● Equipped with oil resistant, waterproof, and pressure resistant structures

● Due to the installation of a set position indicator board, maintenance is easy

● There are various types of actuators, making them easy to use

● The built-in contact seat has a double spring design, with a mechanical lifespan





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